Fugglers Large Plush Blue Monster

Price: £14.99   RRP: £24.99
Funny ugly monsters!!

Product Features

  • Fugglers are mischievous and misunderstood creatures with unpredictable personalities.

  • They have smiles lined with realistic human teeth!

  • Adopt at your own risk!

 Warning: Fugglers are mischievous + misunderstood creatures with unpredictable personalities.  If you still insist on adopting a Fuggler, be prepared to sleep with your mouth closed and one eye open. With smiles lined with realistic human teeth, Fugglers are always trying to collect more chompers – maybe from your mouth! Make eye contact with a Fuggler and you’ll find a pair of mismatched button eyes staring back. Even worse, you may find a pair of bulbous eyeballs, complete with squinty eyelids, looking up at you. If that’s not enough, the weirdness continues: Deluxe Plush Fugglers measure 12-inches tall and come in all kinds of strange shapes and sizes.  Flip them over and you’ll find a signature BUTTonhole, sewn onto their…well, you know. If you choose to ignore this warning and bring home a Fuggler, use the adoption certificate enclosed within to register and name your mischievous creature. With over 10 Deluxe Fugglers roaming around, there are lots of weirdos to collect – adopt at your own risk!

 Measures approx 12-inches (30cm)
Suitable for age 4 + years

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