Shimmer and Shine - Zeta's Scooter

Price: £21.99
Here comes Zeta!

Product Features

  • Zeta looks spellbinding with her two-toned purple ponytail and pink helmet!

  • Zeta's scooter features a removable sidecar for Nazboo!

  • Nazboo comes with his own dragon safety helmet

  • The included gems can be stored in the scooter's seat

 Here comes Zeta! 

This sneaky sorceress is planning a quick getaway on her scooter after taking Shimmer and Shine's Genie Gems! This Zeta doll arrives in style, wearing a pink helmet and an iridescent teal skirt. Her sparkly, purple scooter features a removable sidecar for her loyal pet dragon Nazboo who comes with his own safety helmet! For added fun, the scooter features a spot to hide all of those Genie Gems that Zeta takes - just lift the scooter's seat and store the gems inside!

Zeta is approximately 15.2 cm (6 in).

 Suitable for 3 + years

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