Double 9 Dominoes - Tin of Double Nine Dominoes

Price: £15.99
A classic game of double 9 dominoes.

Product Features

  • This set includes 55 crystalline dominoes.

  • Presented in a beautiful and convenient storage tin.

  • Bright colours and dots make identification easier.

  • Suitable for age 7 + years.


A classic game of dominoes.

55 High Quality Colour-Dot Dominoes.

Dominoes is a classic game, for both families and experienced gamers. Select your pieces then lead with the highest domino (depending on the version of the game you decide to play), then match the number of dots on the end to bring a new piece into play, add your score as you go or play to get all your pieces into the game. Double nine is dominoes with a difference, this time there are up to nine dots on a piece, increasing the challenge and the fun. This pack contains fifty five crystalline dominoes. The selected colours are very distinctive from each other, making them easier to tell apart than other sets. Includes instructions for the game. 
Dominoes are 5 x 2.5cm.

For 2 + players.
Suitable for 7 + years.

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