Disney Princess Royal Clips Fashion 3.25" Dolls Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert

Price: £10.99
Disney Princess small dolls with the Royal Clips dressing system!

Product Features

  • Includes Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert small dolls

  • Rapunzel doll includes a dress that can clip onto figure

  • Dolls can sit or stand

  • Doll scale: 3.25-inches (8cm)

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 The world of Disney Princess small dolls just got a stylish upgrade with the Royal Clips dressing system! Made for little hands, these one-clip outfits are designed for quick, seamless wardrobe changes. Kids can imagine dressing up their favourite Princess characters for an enchanted evening or exciting adventure! 

A Disney Princess doesn't need a Prince to make her dreams come true, but he's fun to have along for the ride! This delightful Disney Princess Rapunzel doll comes with Eugene Fitzherbert, the one-time outlaw formerly known as Flynn Rider, who becomes her partner in adventure. And she's ready to start now in a dress that she can sit or stand in! The one-clip dressing system is made for small hands so kids can open the Royal Clips skirt and slide it right onto the doll.

Includes 2 dolls, dress, and tiara.

• Includes Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert 
• Rapunzel doll includes a dress that can clip onto figure
• Dolls can sit or stand

 Doll scale: 3.25-inches (8cm)
Suitable for age 3 + years

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