Bakugan Battle Planet Dragonoid Maximus

Price: £44.99
The most powerful Bakugan in the universe has arrived: Dragonoid Maximus!

Product Features

  • Drop the exclusive Titan Dragonoid (included) onto Maximus Dragonoid to activate his transformation

  • With a powerful roar and light-up power core, Dragonoid Maximus reaches his ultimate evolution!

  • As Dragonoid Maximus springs open, he roars to life with a light-up power core and fierce sounds!

  • Includes a Titan Dragonoid and Character Card, 2 BakuCores and exclusive Dragonid Maximus Evo Card!

 The most powerful Bakugan in the universe has arrived: Dragonoid Maximus! 

Standing at 8 inches tall, this ultra-powerful Bakugan dragon figure roars to life with an epic transformation, lights, and sounds. Dragonoid Maximus comes packed with the exclusive Titan Dragonoid Bakugan ball (included)! Drop it on top of Dragonoid Maximus and watch as he explodes into his most powerful evolution – Dragonoid Maximus springs open with a fierce roar and the power core on his chest lights up! You can also use any core Bakugan from your collection to activate Dragonoid Maximus, and trigger the lights and sounds by pushing the power core button at any time. With two BakuCores, an exclusive Dragonoid Maximus Evo Card and exclusive Titan Dragonoid Character Card included, power up and take your battles to the next level with the super powerful Titan Dragonoid to become the ultimate Bakugan Master! Awaken the power and explode into action with Bakugan Dragonoid Maximus!

 Requires 2 x AAA batteries (demo batteries included)
Suitable for age 6 + years

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