Kidz Labs - Magic Kit

Price: £8.99   RRP: £10.99
Perform your own magic show!

Product Features

  • Create your own magic show with 12 magic tricks to amaze your friends and family.

  • Each kit contains a wand, a deck of cards, number cards, dice, dice tunnel, cup, rope etc.

  • Includes a full detailed instructions booklet.

Perform magic tricks in front of an amazed audience.

Make the magic wand stick to the palm of your hand like a magnet.
Read the mind of your audience and tell them the number they are thinking of.
See the number of the dice through the magic cup.
Escape through a piece of paper that is no bigger than a postcard. 
Identify the card that a member of your audience has chosen and placed back in the pack.

Altogether there are 12 magic tricks in one box. Ideal for all sorts of occasions, each kit comes complete with fully illustrated instructions, trick secrets and tips for preparing a successful magic show.

For age 8 + years. 
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