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The return of the iconic robotic dog

Originally launched in 2000 at the turn of the millennium and under the name Tekno, this robotic dog went on to sell over 40 million units in its original 4 years of production. The widespread popularity for Tekno led to countless awards and media coverage, even including a feature on the cover of Time magazine. 

Now known as Teksta after a recent reincarnation, this iconic puppy is now smarter and more interactive than ever. Engineered with state of the art artificial intelligence, Teksta will respond to your voice and physical gestures as well as lights and sounds with a whole host of different emotions, which they will convey through barking, crying, whimpering and their eyes. Teksta falls asleep when the sun goes down and wakes up in the morning, happy to greet you as your loyal companion. Using cutting edge technology, you can not only command Teksta to stop and sit but also teach him to perform the signature backflip. 

Teksta is suitable for boys and girls of all ages. In fact, now there's brand new Teksta T-Rex and Kitty! The T-Rex roars when you pet him and gets moody if you leave him for too long, whereas the Kitty wiggles her ears and curls her tail just like a real kitten. The original Teksta puppy is available in blue and pink as well as an adorable Dalmatian

Click HERE to see the whole Teksta range and keep checking the blog for updates and new additions!

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