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The newest gadgets here, agent!

SpyNet takes high end electronics and interactive gadgets and puts them into the hands of young secret agents. For undercover surveillance, detection and communication, SpyNet provides all the technology you'll need to tackle any secret mission! 

Starting off at the lower end of the scale is the snake cam and secret recording pen which are perfect for spying around corners and capturing audio! For the more serious spies, the stealth glasses and video watch (with a time feature and full-colour screen) are like gadgets you'd see in movies and are perfect for top secret surveillance. 

But the real cream of the crop is the ultra vision night goggles with 5 different modes of vision. They allow you to see up to 50 feet in complete darkness and use the thermal technology which mimics heat vision! You can upload all the evidence you record with the easy to use SpyNet Client, which can be downloaded exclusively from the SpyNet HQ website. Any of these gadgets would make ideal gifts for children of any age. In fact, we're sure the adults could bring out their inner spy and get some enjoyment out of them too!

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