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Playtime just got superpowers!

After the arrival of Marvel Super Hero Mashers a couple of months ago, heroes and villains with completely interchangeable parts and accessories, an equally exciting Marvel line has hit the shelves this week! Playskool Heroes is making the Marvel world accessible for a younger audience, with a great selection of figures and accessories in time for Christmas. 

Some of the most popular Marvel characters are now available in double figure packs, sized perfectly for little hands and their adventures. These match ups of courage and villainy allow small children to depict the battle between the heroes and evildoers in the palm of their crime-fighting hands! Fan favourites such as Spider-Man and the Lizard or Iron Spider-Man and Electro are just the beginning.

These awesome miniature heroes are available with their own custom vehicles too. Spider-Man drives the Flip Out Stunt Buggy that does awesome stunt rolls when you pull it back, Hulk rides the Smash Mobile which punches evil aside when triggered and Iron Man controls the Repulsor Drill with amazing spinning action! Captain America and Wolverine prefer to ply their trade on motorcycles; the Shield and Claw Racers slam into speedy action to fight crime! 

On the subject of Marvel, this week also hails the arrival of two brand new 3D Light FX wall lights: Iron Man and Spider-Man! They are mounted on top of a sticker, which appears to show them crashing through the wall. Featuring LEDs that never overheat or need replacing as well as cordless functionality, these lights brighten up any room and make great Christmas gifts for children and adults. Check out our 3D Light FX section to see our range of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lights and more! 

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