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The Hexbug is a micro robotic creature that reacts to its environment and behaves just like a real bug. The original Hexbug toy was released in 2007 with features such as reacting to loud sounds and pressure on the antennae. It was largely inspired by BEAM robotics which focuses on robustness and efficiency along with analog circuits which mimic biological neurons. 

Hexbugs are now available as a range of different critters and in lots of bright, engaging colours. The inchworm can pivot using the central foot on the underside of its body and also features a remote control with two channels so that two bugs can be operated independently at the same time! 

The ant is one of the quickest Hexbugs, with wheel-like legs that can propel it forwards and backwards at furious speeds. Fitted with front and rear sensors, it can identify an obstacle in its path and change direction at lightning pace whereas the spider features a 360 degrees rotational head which allows great manoeuvrability and is complete with lights for increased visibility. 

The larva features a forward facing infrared sensor and slithers on smooth surfaces using an almost creepy rhythmic motion. On the flipside, the scarab skitters around on its six angled legs and features a self-righting mechanism so that it can jump back onto its feet when caught on its back! 

One of the newest Hexbug releases is the aquabot. These robotic fish (sharks and clownfish are available) come equipped with their very own fishbowl. When dropped into water, the aquabots will exhibit the behaviour of a real fish. Powered by electromagnetic propulsion, they are all of the fun of a pet fish without the cleaning or feeding! 

Last but not least, the Hexbug Nanos are intelligent and social with smaller motors and an assortment of habitats. The V2 single packs feature bugs that can climb vertically, horizontally, around corners and through loops and tubes. Grab a glow in the dark Nano for extra robotic fun all through the night! 

Throw your Hexbugs into combat with this Bridge Battle playset - Nanos enter the arena through one-way gates and battle until only one remains. We also have this purpose-built Hexbug Nano playset which allows you to build your own multi-storey habitat for your creatures to navigate and explore. 

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