Zardenia has some new secrets!
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Zardenia has some new secrets!

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posted in What's hot this week... by Jack on 12:08 Mar 24th, 2015

The Zelfs Series 4 has arrived! A brand new batch of medium Zelfs are entering Zardenia for the first time.

Living in the enchanted garden of Zardenia, the Zelfs dwell in different habitats - in the trees, on the rocks and tucked in dark corners. Every Zelf is totally unique and possesses a special power that only shines when they are loved. They also come with several grooming accessories and a collectors' leaflet.

Meet the Zelfs and their unique personalities today. Smoothie the Monkey is one naughty Zelf who drives everyone bananas, whereas Polly Roger the Pirate is adventure bound when there's treasure to be found! Click here to see all the Zelfs we have to offer. 


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