What can you expect to see in 2014?
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What can you expect to see in 2014?

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posted in What's hot this week... by Jack on 15:25 Feb 6th, 2014

It's 2014 and we're back after a very busy Christmas period with lots of new offerings which we will be bringing you every week on our blog. The first of which is a M4T favourite - Pac-Man! 

Pac-Man has been an iconic video game character since the 1980s and remains popular and instantly recognisable among children and parents alike. He has spawned countless spin-offs of the original arcade game, oodles of merchandise and as of last year, a new TV show titled Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. The series follows Pac-Man, along with his friends Cylindria and Spiral, as he helps protect Pac-World from the threat of the ghosts after the seal that locked up the Netherworld was accidentally opened. Obviously

Of course, we wouldn't be writing about this if there wasn't a brand new range of Pac-Man toys and figures! You can begin your collection with the 5cm poseable figures by reenacting your favourite scenes from the show. Every figure also comes with a free code which brings the toys to life in the app - where you can play through more than 70 missions based on the animated series. As well as this, there are the Pac Panic Spinners which double up for deadly battle action in the fight against evil! 

Or open up a mouthful of surprise with the Ghost Grabbin' figures. These little guys have mouth to weapon transformation which help protect Pac and his acquaintances against the evils of the Netherworld. But what Pac really needs to strengthen his arsenal is Pac's Pineapple Tank. This unsuspecting piece of fruit transforms into the ultimate adventure vehicle which is perfect for roaming the Pac World and fighting off those pesky ghosts. It also includes a Pac-Man action figure - because someone needs to take the wheel! 

For those who prefer a helping of nostalgia, you can sink your teeth into all of our retro Pac-themed merchandise. This money bank makes authentic Pac-Man noises as he gobbles up your loose change - and what better way to be woken up than by the peaceful sound of Pac-Man chasing ghosts with this alarm clock! You can check out the whole Pac-Man range here which includes plushes and keychains that you can take everywhere with you! 

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