One giant leap for robot-kind
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One giant leap for robot-kind

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posted in What's hot this week... by Jack on 12:17 Nov 9th, 2013

The newest innovation in robot gaming technology is here. Battroborgs are motion-controlled battling robots built for combat and fueled by your fists. You control the battle with a wireless controller that immediately transmits your swift jabs into your robot's lifelike hits. The robot moves as you do. Battle head-to-head or against an army of Borgs in three different and competitive game modes.

The three game modes are Combat Mode, Tag Mode and Autodrone Mode - all of which require nothing more than knowing the battle basics. You can visit the official Battroborg website for training videos and in-depth instructions. 

Combat Mode is a one-on-one match between you and another Battroborg. The objective is to inflict damage points on your opponent for a knockout. The Borg's Critical Impact Sensor will flash different colours depending on how many damage points have been accumulated. 

Tag Mode is for 2 or more players. One Battroborg will be randomly chosen to be the chaser with a red light; all others with green lights will be chased. Autodrone Mode is also meant for 2 or more players. In this mode, your Battroborg will automatically punch for 2 minutes. This is ideal for single players who are looking to master their battling moves against a self-controlled robot. 

The first Battroborg line up is now available in our Battroborg section with more to come in the future. This includes Pummel, Cyclobber, Dent and Shocktro - all are different designs and colours with their own unique special attacks and ratings for strength, defense and agility. Or if you're looking to start a more comprehensive collection, check out the arena sets (Colonel Clubber vs Scaldor and Clopto vs Cobalt) which each include 2 Battroborgs and an awesome battling arena. 


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