Meet Xeno - the interactive monster!
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Meet Xeno - the interactive monster!

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posted in What's hot this week... by Jack on 16:13 Oct 28th, 2014

Play with him and take care of him. Xeno is taking the world by storm and is fast becoming the must-have toy this Christmas. This cute and interactive monster offers a play experience unlike any other.

Xeno has a wide range of movements and emotions and features animated eyes with over 50 different expressions so he can let you know exactly how he's feeling. If you leave him alone then he will call you out, try to grab your attention and fall asleep if you don't listen to him! He will also let you know when he's hungry and you can feed him by placing your finger in his mouth. Press his belly or pull his tail after a hearty meal to hear him burp and parp! But make sure you don't feed him too much, Xeno will get a stomach ache and you'll have to press his tummy button to make him feel better.

Xeno likes dancing to your music too, but he will decide whether he likes the tune or not! Sometimes he can be under the weather as well, so you'll have to press all his sensors to find out where the pain is. When he's ready for action again, press his hands to play a game with him or tickle his feet and make him giggle!

You can even place two Xenos in front of each other, where they will start to interact and then return to individual mode when separated. The fun of Xeno extends even further to the free Xeno app, where you can interact with him on the screen and dive into his incredible world. Xeno is available in both Burnt Orange and Ultra Violet - make sure you get yours before stock runs out! 

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